Service – Steam

Service – Steam

With the unique quality of exclusive substructure products, custom-made steam baths constructed by AquaLab stand out for the waterproofing and durability. Steam bath is recommend to those people who cannot stand the extreme hot and dry conditions of the sauna.

With the soft density of water vapor produced by a steam generator, the steam bath is a place where heat and steam induce profuse sweating.

The temperature inside the cabin reaches 40 to 45°C with full 100% relative humidity, making the environment saturated with water vapor. Therefore, a steam bath cabin must be built with structural panels with a high insulating capacity, resistant and easily waterproof.

For households, you may convert your existing regular shower room into a personal steam spa.

Simply by installing an extra home-use steamer set with no need for major renovation, you can enjoy the health benefits and pleasure of steam bath even in limited space.