7 Ways of How Sauna Mend Your Body And Mind

7 Ways of How Sauna Mend Your Body And Mind

Most people have a positive reaction when they think of saunas.

With their numerous physical and mental health benefits and the pleasant feeling that comes from being in a warm environment, they can be found in spas, hotels and gyms all over the world.

1. Cleanses skins
Deep sweating during sauna bath rinses off dirt, dead skin cells and bacteria from skin’s surface.

2. Quick recovery from exercise
The extreme heat in the sauna cabin boosts blood flow, which allows for the fast removal of metabolic waste including lactic acid build-up in the muscles, hence easing joint and muscle pain.

3. Treats respiratory diseases
By relaxing the muscles in the bronchioles, a sauna bath provides a recovery effect on asthma and pneumonia.

4. Improve brain and heart health
As the heat causes blood vessels to dilate, it also lowers blood pressure. Regular sauna bathing is recommended to lower the risk of stroke and dementia and fight against heart diseases.

5. Lose Weight Through Burn Calories
A moderately conditioned person can easily sweat off 500 grams and consume nearly 300 calories in a single sauna session due to the acceleration of heart activity. As heart activity increases and as those processes demand more oxygen, the body begins to convert more calories into usable energy.

6. Ease mind and recharge energy
A sauna bath can be used in treating anxiety and mild depression. Heat helps relax tense muscles, and puts the bather into a state of comfort. It also helps bather to sleep better, and reduces chronic fatigue.

7. Social Benefits
Invite family and friends to join your sauna bath! The saunas break down social barriers, enabling the conversation to flow more freely.